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Daniella Gross

Life Coaching For the Equestrian World


We all have dreams born of our relationship with our horses:


  • To be more effective in anything we choose to accomplish as rider and as instructors.

  • To improve our communication with our horses, and the enjoyment from it.

  • To succeed in competition


Coaching provides powerful tools to realize those goals!


It is the missing link that can not be fully addressed in the riding ring itself. We need time off the horse, to reflect, dream and plan where we would like to go, and what we would like to achieve.



How do we do it?


Through a series of Skype sessions, we will create a plan to realize your goals.

Equipped with coaching tools, and years of my experience in the world of horses and riding, at the highest international level, I will support you in exploring your options, and help you overcome any obstacles in your path.


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