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Hi, I am Daniella Gross and this is my journey,


Something quite magical happens when we interact with our horses- when we

enter the world of horses we feel changed.

From a very young age, I knew that I was put on this earth for the purpose

of being with horses.

My path and drive took me all the way to the international Dressage ring

representing my country.


Over the years, my focus has shifted from my own success, to enjoying,

and being fulfilled by, helping others find their purpose, and realize their full potential. 



During the process of promoting my business, I worked with a coach, and

was exposed to the amazing, and life changing power of coaching.

 I fell in love! I began to pursue a coaching career, and have since graduated

successfully from ICA, the international coaching academy.


I now work with riders and instructors, to achieve their goals in the arena,

and in their lives, through riding lessons with a focus on the riders inner intent and attitude and through coaching.

Come and join me on this inspiring journey.

I would love to meet you and help you discover your unique path.

Take your first step now, and click here to schedule your free 60-minute consultation,

where we can examine how coaching can help you achieve your goals.




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