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I am a career woman who has been riding my entire life.  I decided to take time out of my busy schedule and invest time in myself.  Am I glad I did!! 


Prior to Daniella’s program, I would often ride by focusing on the pressure of competing and with the baggage of life’s events crowding my mind.  Daniella helped me realize the place riding holds in my life and focus on the joy and pleasure in the process, rather than some perceived ultimate goal.


Although the sessions use horse riding as a backdrop, the sessions were really about holding a mirror to what’s really going on in your life.  I came to call these sessions a “massage for my soul.”  As a result of our Skype meetings, my level of frustration dropped.  I came to realize that for me, riding is not about competing against others, but rather enjoying the process of improving my skills.  These sessions not only improved my focus for riding, but had numerous beneficial effects on my life overall.


I highly recommend Daniella!  





When I first came to Daniella my goal was to be a better rider, which thanks to her I am. But with Daniella’s guidance, patience, insights and warm personality, it has become so much more…

I am learning to shed my fears, my disguises, my inhibitions and BE. Yes, that helps me become a better rider but probably more importantly, it helps me become a more confident, stronger and happier person. 




Thank you Daniella!!


Thom Rosing 


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