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Reflective Riding for Riders – Ride from within


Relationships with horses can stir up some strong emotions. You invest large amounts of time, money, effort and love in your horse, so it is no surprise that it has a major impact on your emotional well-being.
Often these emotions get in our way to realizing our dreams, of harmony and understanding.

• Do you find yourself frustrated during your ride?

• Have you lost sight of the fun and love that attracted you to horses to begin with?

• Do you feel that you and your horse, are not realizing your full potential?

• Do you feel that you should be a better rider considering the time, effort and money that you have invested?

If any of this rings true for you, Reflective Riding can help you to realize your full potential. 

I would love to meet you and help you explore how R.R. can work for you.


Contact me to schedule a R.R. riding lesson

and don’t forget to download your free copy of “5 steps to better communication with your horse

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